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New Membership

Printable PDF Application  New single membershipNew Family Membership

Single membership $55.00 (new single member+$10 initiation fee)
Family membership $75.00 (new Family members+$20 initiation fee)
Life membership $25.00 (no change)
This increase was approved by the general membership at the General Meeting on August 6, 2021, and the increase goes into effect immediately for the 2022 dues.

*Definitions of Membership

Single Membership-Any one person 18 years or older.
Family Membership- Husband, wife, and any childeren under the age of 18.
Life Members-A member for twenty years becomes a Life member at the age of 70.

New Member and Sponsor Procedures:

1. New members must attend both the Pre-Initiation and Initiation meetings to become a member of Kolping. Failure to attend these meetings will result in the application and dues being returned to the prospective new member.

2. To take advantage of the family membership, both spouses must be regular members of The Kolping Society. An application must be submitted for each prospective member for them to be considered for membership.

3. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to make sure that the new members attend general meetings and events at Kolping. Make sure that you stay in contact with your new member. Too many new members are forgotten!

4. You need to be a member of Kolping for two years to sponsor a new member.

 Membership Renewal

Life Membership *Single Renewal  Family Renewal