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Fr. David Hiller O.F.M.
Endowment Fund

Father David Hiller

The Fr. David Hiller Fund, O.F.M. was incorporated in the State of Ohio in 1997 as a non-profit corporation to honor the memory of Fr. David Hiller who served as the Praeses (Spiritual Director) of the Cincinnati Kolping Society for over 25 years. In 1998, the Fund was designated as a 501©3 organization by the Internal Revenue Service capable of accepting tax deductible donations. The charitable purpose of the Fund is to support other 501©3 organizations that promote education and Christian values in Greater Cincinnati. In other words, the Fund is designed to advance the values of Blessed Adolph Kolping, founder of the Kolping Society.

Although the Fund shares its foundation within the Kolping Society, it is organized as a separate corporation and as such must be managed independently from the Kolping Society. All assets and records must be maintained separate from the Society.

Fr. David died in 1992. At his death, some memorials were given to the Kolping Society in his memory. It was informally understood at that time by the Kolping Society Board and administration that these funds would form the foundation of an endowment fund. In 1997, the Franciscan Province of St. John the Baptist elected to sell the property which was formerly the Duns Scotus Seminary in Michigan. The Province decided to distribute the proceeds of the sale to each friar to be used for their own charitable purposes. Our current Praeses, Fr. Bruno, received $10,000 and used it to help fund the Fr. David Fund.

Since that time the assets of the Fund have grown through various fund raisers, e.g., Derby Day parties, Fish Fries, the Buben Golf Outing, memorials, bartender tips and annual fund bequests. In addition, in 2000, the Cincinnati Kolping Society agreed to donate 10% of its net revenue to the Fund. As a result, the Fund currently has assets over $250,000.

From the very beginning, the trustees of the Fund agreed to make donations in amounts that could make a significant difference to the recipients. In addition, the Fund would support those activities that have demonstrated some attempt to help themselves. Within the last 8 years the Fund has made donations to St. Peter Claver School, Holy Family School in Covington, St. Michael´s in Price Hill, and St. Francis Seraph School. The fund is currently offering 2 $3,000 scholarships every year to 8th grade children of Kolping members expecting to attend a Catholic High School in the Tri-State area which are renewable for 4 years.  Additionally, certain maintenance projects at St. Francis School were accomplished with the donated time and talent of our Kolping members.

The fund trustees meet twice each year and all Kolping members are invited to present a request for donations to any organization that fits the objectives of the Fund.

The current officers and trustees of the Fund are:

  1. Paul Ahrnsen, President
  2. Wendell Hull, Treasurer
  3. Beth Neumann, Secretary
  4. Tom Musbach, Trustee
  5. Terri Luther, Trustee