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Dec 2 (Sun) Mass/General Meeting/Christmas Party Jan 2 (Wed) Board Meeting
Dec 11 (Tue) Seniors Christmas Party Jan 4 (Fri) General Meeting
Dec 16 (Sun) Children’s Christmas Party Jan 12 (Sat) King's Party
Dec 21 (Fri) Schützen Nacht Jan 18 (Fri) Schützen Nacht
Jan 26 (Sat) Stube Nacht
      Jan 28 (Mon) Board Meeting

 Kolping Society of Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Catholic Kolping Society is a non-profit organization that is a member of the Catholic Kolping Society of America. There are 11 Kolping Society in the United States which make up the Catholic Kolping Society of America. The Catholic Kolping Society of America is a member of the International Kolping Society. The International Kolping Society is the headquarters of all 2200 + Kolping Societies around the world.We are all led by the vision of our founder:
Blessed Adolph Kolping.Father Kolping

Blessed Adolph Kolping vision:
To promote the development of the individual, the family (by fostering a sense of belonging), and friendship (through our holistic programs of spiritual, educational, charitable, and social activities) in a way that is relevant to our times.