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Kolping Bourbon Club

Febuary 23th, 2024 at 7 PM

A Toast to Flavor, Conversation, and Distillery Discoveries!


Embark on a journey into the world of fine bourbons with the launch of our exclusive Kolping Bourbon Club – a haven where both men and women gather to savor the rich tapestry of unique bourbons, engage in spirited conversations, and delve into the fascinating stories behind the craft. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a curious newcomer, our club is designed to be a welcoming space for all who appreciate the artistry of this exceptional spirit.

What to Expect:

What Help Do We Need?

Leadership: Be a trailblazer in our community by becoming a leader in our Bourbon Club. We're on the lookout for passionate individuals to guide and shape the future of our club. Roles needed to be filled include a Chairperson, Event Coordinator, Treasurer and the all-important Secretary (to capture the tasting notes of course!!!).

Logistics: What are the Membership Dues? $10 per year gets you on the membership email list where, in advance of the next monthly meeting, we will highlight that month's tastings or Bourbon Club adventure. What are the Meeting Costs? Depending on the sourced bourbon or planned event, cost will vary by meeting and will be collected upon entry of the event. Reservations will be requested in order to insure we have sufficient samplings available for tasting or seats for the Bourbon focused events. Doors will be open to all, but availability may be limited to those that did RSVP.

When and Where Do the Members Meet? Starting Jan 26th, 2024 and every 4th Friday of each month thereafter, we will meet at the Kolping Society Club House at 7PM unless notified otherwise via email or text message. Address: 10235 Mill Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231

How do I sign up and get notified of the meeting plans? Once you sign up, you will be placed on the email list and notified of the next tasting or event plans and the associated cost for that event. Sign up using the following link now so we can get you on the mailing list for this meeting:


As we embark on this bourbon-filled adventure, let's raise our glasses to the shared passion that unites us. The Kolping Bourbon Club is not just a club; it's a community where friendships are forged over the clink of glasses, and every sip is a journey into the heart of bourbon culture. Save the date for our inaugural gathering and become part of a spirited community that savors the essence of fine bourbon, embraces the art of conversation, and celebrates the craftsmanship of the world's most beloved spirits.

Cheers to a new era of bourbon appreciation!
The Kolping Bourbon Club
Questions – eMail John Mueller – Kolping President at JohnMueller@KolpingCincinnati.com